They Shot Pictures Ep#14: James Gray

In this episode of They Shot Pictures, I am joined by my friend Brent to discuss the films of one of the if not our favorite working American filmmaker, James Gray. Even despite a relatively short filmography, Gray shows a distinctiveness of style and themes that has resonated strongly with both of us and that we think make him a filmmaker more than worth taking note of and following closely. This is a slightly different episode of TSP in that we don’t really break the episode up by specific films. Rather we go on to different aspects of Gray’s work and use examples from all of his films to illustrate what we think define James Gray’s style and fixations.

Brent occasionally writes about films on this here blog. He is also on twitter as @bmrow.

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Corrections & Notes:
1. We apologize for referring to Late Marriage as an Iranian film when it is in fact a film from Israel.
2. Gray’s latest film is now titled The Immigrant.