They Shot Pictures Ep#31: Fassbinder’s Melodramas.


On part 1 of this multi-part episode of They Shot Pictures, Seema is joined by her friend Annie to discuss the melodramas of Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Specifically, they discuss the films Martha (1967), The Mariage of Maria Braun (1979) and In a Year With 13 Moons (1978).

Annie and Seema first met on this wonderful film forum where they continue to discuss all things cinema. Seema is also on twitter as @wormatwork.

Show Notes:

- Opening Music: Serenade Out of Tune from Lola by Peer Raben
- Closing Music: Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves from Querelle Vocals by Jeanne Moreau, Music by Peer Raben


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They Shot Pictures Ep#30: Vincente Minnelli Musicals


On part 1 of this two-parter, Jhon, Sean and Seema discuss the lush musicals of Vincente Minnelli. We center our discussion around the films The Pirate (1948), The Band Wagon (1953) and Gigi (1958). We have one rather exhausted and drowsy host and if you’re lucky the editing still left in some of Sean’s interstitial singing!

On a follow-up to this episode, we will be discussing Minnelli’s melodramas.

Jhon writes about a variety of visual media including anime and manga on his blog. He also really would love for you to reach out to him about all things cinematic on twitter, @cruyffbedroom.

Sean writes about all things film on his blog and is also on twitter @theendofcinema.

Seema is also on twitter @wormatwork


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