About the Podcast
They Shot Pictures is a film podcast devoted to discovering and celebrating the filmographies of older and/or relatively under-seen and under-discussed filmmakers. Each episode, we (host + a revolving set of friends / guests) pick a director and discuss 2-3 of his/her films. We use the films as a jumping off point for a broader discussion of the director’s style and themes. The goal is to jointly revisit some of our most beloved filmmakers as well as discover new favorites.

About the Podcast Host(ess)
Seema grew up in Bombay raised by a slapstick comedy aficionado (think Chaplin & Jerry Lewis) Dad and a mom who loves art house Malayalam cinema. These combined with a healthy dose of Bollywood melodramas on TV and an early fascination with Pulp Fiction and Rushmore cemented her ongoing obsession with films that continues to this day. Some of her favorite films include Charulata, A Brighter Summer Day and Vendredi Soir. Besides They Shot Pictures, Seema also co-hosts a podcast on world cinema called Cinema on the Road.

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