They Shot Pictures Ep#16: Jane Campion


First and foremost, we are delighted to announce that frequent TSP guest, Sean, is now an official co-host on the podcast. We will be recording most episodes jointly but also plan on recording a few episodes individually with other guests. With two of us on board, the hope is that we’ll be better able to release episodes more regularly and stick to the posted schedule.

In this episode of They Shot Pictures, we are joined by our friend, Melissa, to discuss acclaimed Australasian filmmaker, Jane Campion. We focus on the films, An Angel at My Table and The Portrait of a Lady and her most recent television mini-series, Top of the Lake.

Melissa writes astute essays on films that move her on her blog, A Journal of Film. Her definitive essay on Campion’s film, In the Cut, was a huge trigger for this episode. Melissa is also on twitter under the username @oneaprilday.

Seema also co-hosts another podcast called Cinema on the Road focused entirely on world cinema with her friend Jhon. She is also on twitter under the handle @wormatwork.

Sean writes extensively about film on his blog, The End of Cinema. He can be found on twitter under the name @theendofcinema

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