They Shot Pictures Ep#33: Douglas Sirk


Seema is joined by her friend, Kaj van Zoelen to discuss the films of Douglas Sirk, best known from his Hollywood melodramas from the 50s but whose career was prolific and transcended countries and genres. In a strange (somewhat) unplanned twist, we end up ignoring the colorful melodramas he’s best known for (although they do come up) and instead focus on three of his relatively underseen films. We discuss the films, Das Mädchen von Moorhof (1935), Shockproof (1949) and There’s Always Tomorrow (1956).

Seema is attempting to chronicle her film viewing on letterboxd and is also on twitter @wormatwork.

Kaj van Zoelen regularly writes about film (mostly in Dutch but ime he’ll translate for you if you ask nicely) at SalonIndien and Filmtotaal.


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