They Shot Pictures Ep#35: 2014 Year in Review Part 1


On this two-part episode Sean, Seema, and Jhon discuss some of our favorite films from 2014. We start off by explaining our eligibility criteria or lack thereof and then move on to declaring our favorites in a bunch of categories. Interspersed are Top 5 lists from all of the nice people that guested on TSP in 2014. On this installment we cover the following categories:

Film We Haven’t Seen Yet That We Think Would’ve Made Our List 01:58
Best Debut Feature 06:34
Favorite Animated Film 12:00
Best Documentary or Nonfiction Film 14:14
TSP Guest Top 5 from Nathan Rogers Hancock 18:32
Favorite Science Fiction Movie 19:30
Favorite Romantic Comedy 24:33
Favorite Horror Film 29:12
Favorite Musical 37:29
TSP Guest Top 5 from Mike Strenski 43:24
Favorite Hollywood Movie 45:33
Favorite Bollywood Movie 51:16
Film We Like that (almost) No One Else Has Seen 58:59
Unpopular Pick / Film You liked that No One Else Liked 1:13:36
TSP Guest Top 5 from Kaj van Zoelen 1:20:12

For more of Jhon’s expert opinions on 2-star movies, you can follow him on letterboxd. He is also on twitter @cruyffbedroom.

Sean writes about all things film on this here blog and is also on twitter @theendofcinema.

Seema is attempting to chronicle her film viewings on letterboxd and is also on twitter @wormatwork.


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