They Shot Pictures Ep#36: 2014 Year In Review Part 2


In Part 2 of our Year End Roundup, we discuss our favorites (and not so favorites) from the year in a few more categories and finally countdown our overall Top 5 Films of the Year.

Most/Best Depressing Movie of the Year 00:56
Best cinematic moment or scene 08:45
Hayao Miyazaki or Isao Takahata 18:12
Best Music 24:00
TSP Guest Top 5 from CJ Roy 30:33
Best Lead Performances 32:33
Best Supporting Performances 41:39
Worst Movie of the Year 51:35
TSP Guest Top 5 from Annie 57:13
Best Script 59:01
Best Director 1:03:48
Honorable Mentions 1:11:27
TSP Guest Top 5 from Matt Lynch 1:17:22
Top 5 Films of the Year Countdown 1:20:09

For more of Jhon’s expert opinions on 2-star movies, you can follow him on letterboxd. He is also on twitter @cruyffbedroom.

Sean writes about all things film on this here blog and is also on twitter @theendofcinema.

Seema is attempting to chronicle her film viewings on letterboxd and is also on twitter @wormatwork.


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